The latest major release of WordPress is out today (Named Bessie – but when I look at it I keep thinking Nessie). The biggest new addition from camp WP is the new “Automatic Update” feature for minor security releases. This means that WordPress 3.7.1 will update without you even knowing. I can’t seem to locate any toggle “opt out” area so I guess we are going to let “WordPress Jesus” take the wheel here. I can only hope that this won’t accidentally cause me or any of the sites I’m involved with problems. I’m all for security updates! I’m for automatic everything! But I do like to have the choice.

The bullet points of the update:

  • Background Updates (Good and Bad and Maybe?)
  • Stronger Password Meter (Who cares?)
  • Improved Search (Good!)
  • Better Global Support (Good!)
  • nessie (Scary)

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