Just wanted to help out anyone else who is using WooCommerce with an old not supported template. The instructions from The Woo folks blinded me to a painfully obvious solution to my problem.

I followed the instructions by duplicating page.php to woocommerce.php and replacing “the loop” with:

But I was still not having my “Individual Product” pages being processed though the WooCommerce loop at all. They were being treated like regular posts.

The light bulb FINALLY went off that my old template had a “single.php” file and that WooCommerce products were a custom post type of “product.”

So I duplicated my single.php to single-product.php (for the custom post type)and replace “the loop” with:

PRESTO! My individual products were now working!

So in the end if you have an old template you might need to make TWO files and not just the one:

page.php -> woocommerce.php
single.php -> single-product.php

If anything I hope this gets into the ether. I google’d forever and couldn’t find squat about my problem. WooCommerce is pretty awesome though once you get the hang of it.

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