Popular with me that is!

While I’m on a role of blog posting here are the games I played on my Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T for the month of March!

minecraftpeMost Played

Most played this month has to be Minecraft P.E. I’ve got an 8 year old in the house and she uses the iPad to play with me over WiFi. She LOVES it and constantly bugs me to play it. There are some screen shots in the gallery of our “Candy Kingdom” and her Adventure Time creations. She has made nearly 99% of all the stuff in the land on her own.


ravenswordNewest Game

Ravensword 2 aka Ravensword: Shadowlands. Great game so far. Really makes a good effort to create an Elderscrolls experience on the Tablet/Phone. I also play Aralon: Sword and Shadow but it is becoming dated and it isn’t nearly as polished as Ravensword 2 is. The graphics are better with Ravensword 2 and there are multiple quest lines to do and areas to explore. Aralon is very linear. I don’t have a rating system but if I did this would get all the points but the last one. Nothing ever gets ALL the points.



I’m enjoying a few different titles sporadically.  These are the games you fire up once in a while for about 10 minutes and then stop. Final Fantasy Dimensions is one of those.  Blah blah all the shit you have heard before. In the end it is what it looks like. If you liked Final Fantasy on the NES or SNES you will like this.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Star Wars Pinball – cool to play but I wish you got all three tables when you bought the damn app
  • Machinarium – a real headscratcher and easy to get stuck
  • Dead Trigger – kill zombies.. use your gamepad
  • SG: Dead Zone – kill people.. use your gamepad
  • Snark Busters 2 – I understand the move to in app purchases. But when it is STOPPING my advancement of the game 100%. That sucks. The first one was much better.
  • Xelorians – Space Shooter.. top down.. lots of explosions. Fun stuff.
  • Eufloria HD – Lags a lot on the big maps with many planets. Made it not fun in the end and I stopped playing.

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