Finding resources for inspiration as an aesthetically challenged web developer is pretty easy. There are a billion resources out there. You can browse Dribble, Theme Forest or the Web Awwwards but a comprehensive list of good usable ones is hard to find. Finding things that you can drop into your project right away is what we are after here.

In this series of posts I’d like to share some of the different resources that I’ve used to get me through the mental road blocks that come with seeing the Matrix in code rather than in living color.

Let’s start with something easy that you can use RIGHT now.


UI Kits

Let me paint you the mental picture of yourself. You have written your master app. Your perfectly coded magnum opus to the gods of the internet is efficient, elegantly coded and has perfectly crafted modular functionality for every aspect of user interaction. The only problem right now is that it looks like wire frames, white space and blue links. Time to put some lipstick on that pig and get some markup that you can drop into your views.

Pixelkit Bootstrap UI Kits


Flat UI by Designmodo and Square UI by Designmodo

[Download Flat UI] | [Download Square UI]

flat-ui-free-6001 Square-UI-Free

Other Resources

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