The long overdue update to Bootstrap 3.3.6 is here.

Download DevDmBootstrap3 from the WordPress Themes Directory

The depreciated method for initializing the bootstrap_custom_menu widget has been resolved as seen in this post forum the support form. Thanks to user szilka for the help.

Child Themes have both been updated to 3.3.6

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  • Robert says:

    I find your wordpress boilerplate base really cool
    I have only one issue you hopefully may help with.
    I have a bunch of pages and yet no articles.
    What I see is that all of them have the H1 given to the site title, but as we all know, this is against the SEO and google dislike this duplication sooooooooo much :-)
    Instead that title should turn to some where people with some custom CSS could play with it.
    While the H1 should be allowed to be set individually for each page.
    Please note that I’m back using wordpress after three years now, I know many things changed in it meanwhile, so I’m sorry if I miss something about H1s, if you knwo some best practices or tricks to achieve what I ask above… thank you for sharing them.

  • Lorrie says:

    Right on-htis helped me sort things right out.

  • Ciprian says:

    For future releases. You should remove the @import “css/bootstrap.css”; in the child css and change it with an enqueue from the functions.php
    This will help speed up loading.

  • Andre says:

    hi danny,
    since update to WP 4.9 the submenu hover doesnt work. could you help me please? Maybe a new version has to release.

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