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A great deal of my theme users (and WordPress users in general) are in countries where English is not the first spoken language. It was on my list to get this theme translation ready but I didn’t have the knowledge to do so until a while ago. I even had the theme marked as translation ready on the Themes directory but I was mistaken. It wasn’t by any means ready. Well that has all changed. There are now files in the languages folder for you to use as a template for translation. ┬áThank you to the Theme Reviewer jcastaneda for not letting me off the hook for this not being implemented properly.

We have made two other changes.

  1. The root html tag was missing? (What?) Crazy. Thanks Bradleycorn for taking the time to point this out.
  2. We switched the enqueuing order of the stylesheets to make overriding the default bootstrap.css easier. Than you jamalik91 for letting me know.

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