There are four widget areas available in Swatcher.

  1. After Header Widget Area
  2. Left Sidebar
  3. Right Sidebar
  4. Before Footer Widget Area


On individual Widget Widths

Left/Right Sidebar Widgets – Each widgets width will be as wide as the column size of the sidebar it is assigned.

After Header & Before Footer Widgets – The width of each widget is automatically calculated based on the number of assigned widgets to that area with a minimum column size of 3. There is no limit to the amount of widgets you can assign but 4 will be your target maximum as the Bootstrap 3 grid system is based on 12 columns.

Examples of Calculate Widget Sizes.

1 widget = Column Size 12

2 widgets = Column Size 6 for each widget

3 widgets = Column Size 4 for each widget

4 widgets = Column Size 3 for each widget