• Footer Menu Style – Default or Inverse Bootstrap 3 navbar color. Each Swatcher theme has different color options and you might prefer the inverse instead of the default.
  • Align Menu to the right – aligns the menu links to the right side of the navbar.
  • Footer Menu Affix Bottom – Toggle affix of the Footer Menu navbar.
  • Full Width Footer Menu – This option adds -fluid to the main navbar container holding the nav. This makes the links take up the full screen.
  • Full Width Footer Menu bar – Sometimes you want the bar to be a nice buffer to your content.
  • Brand Image – Puts a brand image (logo) on the navbar.
  • Brand Text – Adds the Brand Text to the navbar.
  • Full Width Footer Widgets – Be default there is a container wrapping any assigned footer widgets. Toggle this option to make them take up the full width of the window.