latest v. 1.5 (change log)

The ‘cleanblog’ child theme introduces a few different features that can turn your DevDmBootstrap3 enabled theme into a nice clean blog style.  It also incorporates many of the features that DevDmBootstrap3 users have asked me about implementing over the last year. To see a demo of it in action just look around you. Besides just a design (which you are encouraged to tweak and make your own) here is a list of features and important notes about the cleanblog child theme:

Page Templates

There are three page templates that can be assigned to any of the pages you create.


Template Name: Full Width (Ignores all columns and sets the content to the full width of the main container)

Template Name: Left Column Only (“Show the Left Sidebar” must be enabled inside the DevDmOptions of the theme)

Template Name: Right Column Only (“Show the Right Sidebar” must be enabled inside the DevDmOptions of the theme)

Customizing the CSS “a workflow”

Short Answer: Change custom.less and compile bootstrap.less.


You can use whatever workflow is good for you. My own workflow when working with DevDmBootstrap3 has always been to do all of my modified css inside the custom.less file which is then compiled with all the other Bootstrap components inside bootstrap.less. The results is one outputted bootstrap.css file with my custom css compiled at the bottom.

SVG with PNG fallback

Inside the /js directory you will see “custom.js.” We have a customized version of modernizr that is detecting SVG support for the browser. When an SVG is detected it will swap the extension for PNG if the browser doesn’t support SVG. So if you use an SVG as an image src put a PNG fallback of the same filename and in the same location.


I’ve include the [shortcodes] that are bundled with the GitHub version of DevDmBootstrap3. This enables you to put btns and alerts directly into your posts, pages and widgets. For usage information about these [shortcodes] see the theme documentation here

Misc Notes

Fav and Other Icons – I’ve include the code for the icons to cover the wide array of devices that can possibly be using them now. You can replace my icons with your own inside the /images/icons directory. You can remove/change the icon code entirely inside header.php.


Hard coded logo – I opted to circumvent the WordPress options for controlling the logo for the initial presentations sake. You can change the logo position and code inside template-part-head.php. The logo itself is located at /images/logo.svg (.png).

Hard coded social icons – This code is also located inside template-part-head.php. I only have included the icons that I use but you can easily go find more and include them. They are from this set

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