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A great deal of my theme users (and WordPress users in general) are in countries where English is not the first spoken language. It was on my list to get this theme translation ready but I didn’t have the knowledge to do so until a while ago. I even had the theme marked as translation ready on the Themes directory but I was mistaken. It wasn’t by any means ready. Well that has all changed. There are now files in the languages folder for you to use as a template for translation.  Thank you to the Theme Reviewer jcastaneda for not letting me off the hook for this not being implemented properly.

We have made two other changes.

  1. The root html tag was missing? (What?) Crazy. Thanks Bradleycorn for taking the time to point this out.
  2. We switched the enqueuing order of the stylesheets to make overriding the default bootstrap.css easier. Than you jamalik91 for letting me know.

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A bit of a cross post here from the DevDmBootstrap3 website.

A version of DevDmBoostrap3 is now available on the WordPress Themes Directory to be easily installed by users from all around the WORLD! Cool.

To make this happen I had to change/remove a few features and I had to update some markup/function names.  Most of these changes were great improvements as far as markup and security was concerned (and I have pushed these changes to the repo) however we did lose some things along the way.

These are the features that were removed for the WordPress Theme’s directory version:

These things were deemed to be “plugin territory” and didn’t align with the standardization practices they are shooting for over there on the directory.

DevDmBootstrap3 on the WordPress themes Directory



(I also had to change the screenshot)

“I need to upgrade the DevDm Blog to use the new version of DevDmBootstrap.” – Danny


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Update: An official post was made about how to customize the Automatic Updates however the “define” below will still turn them off completely.

If you want to disable the automatic updater ENTIRELY in the latest WordPress 3.7 update you can add this code to your wp-config.php


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The latest major release of WordPress is out today (Named Bessie – but when I look at it I keep thinking Nessie). The biggest new addition from camp WP is the new “Automatic Update” feature for minor security releases. This means that WordPress 3.7.1 will update without you even knowing. I can’t seem to locate any toggle “opt out” area so I guess we are going to let “WordPress Jesus” take the wheel here. I can only hope that this won’t accidentally cause me or any of the sites I’m involved with problems. I’m all for security updates! I’m for automatic everything! But I do like to have the choice.

The bullet points of the update:

  • Background Updates (Good and Bad and Maybe?)
  • Stronger Password Meter (Who cares?)
  • Improved Search (Good!)
  • Better Global Support (Good!)
  • nessie (Scary)

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The Github Repository is up and I’m confident people can start giving the new DevDmBootstrap3 a try to see if it will work for them.

Remember, this is a WordPress theme for developers who are already familiar with the way Twitter Bootstrap is doing things. I’ve moved over and adjusted all the documentation from our 2.3.2 version of the Theme.

View Demo / Documentation

Download the zips from the repo and let me know if you create something awesome. I’d love to hear about it.


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