In migrating my blog over to my DevDmBootstrap3 WordPress theme I created this child theme you are seeing now. I’m calling it ‘cleanblog’ and I’m making it available for others to use in their projects.

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I’ve been working on a redesign of the Home Page for some time now. I wanted it to be ME instead of what I thought people were looking for in a portfolio site. In the end I needed to build something and say the things that attract the type of people I want to work with. So that is what I’ve done. Part of this launch is also the creation of the “Idea Will Call.” At the end of the day I am still a web gun for hire so take a look and share your ideas with me.

newsite1 newsite2

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Just wanted to help out anyone else who is using WooCommerce with an old not supported template. The instructions from The Woo folks blinded me to a painfully obvious solution to my problem.

I followed the instructions by duplicating page.php to woocommerce.php and replacing “the loop” with:

But I was still not having my “Individual Product” pages being processed though the WooCommerce loop at all. They were being treated like regular posts.

The light bulb FINALLY went off that my old template had a “single.php” file and that WooCommerce products were a custom post type of “product.”

So I duplicated my single.php to single-product.php (for the custom post type)and replace “the loop” with:

PRESTO! My individual products were now working!

So in the end if you have an old template you might need to make TWO files and not just the one:

page.php -> woocommerce.php
single.php -> single-product.php

If anything I hope this gets into the ether. I google’d forever and couldn’t find squat about my problem. WooCommerce is pretty awesome though once you get the hang of it.

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The May 2013 Developer Newsletter had some pretty cool “refresher” videos about using from the developer standpoint. Seasoned developers and new developers can always benefit from being reminded about the basics.

New Developer Video Training

We’ve created a series of training videos to help you ramp up and refresh your knowledge about payments as you build your Authorize.Net integrations. The new training videos include:

Payment Fundamentals for Developers (6 minutes)
Fraud and Verified Merchant Seal (7 minutes)
Standards, Compliance and Security (9 minutes)
Visit the new training page in the developer center to check out the new videos today.

Learning the fundamentals of how the payment process works will better prepare you to engage with your clients.

Learn about protecting your merchants from fraudulent transactions and implementing the Verified Merchant Seal.

Learn about important payment industry security standards for accepting secure payments.

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