My wonderful girlfriend got me a Dualshock 3 Sixaxis controller for my birthday.  This was super exciting for me because it opens up the Infinity to a whole new level of gaming as this controller is Bluetooth.

Truth time. I am not a huge fan of touch screens for controlling games. Navigating around, manipulating media, and the general day to day is fine. Typing? Prefer the physical keyboard. Gaming? Prefer a keyboard and mouse but will be happy with a controller.

I use the Sixaxis app to connect the controller to my Transformer Infinity. There are plenty of tutorials and instructions out there on how to use this utility to pair your PS3 controller. Here is one.

I’m using a popular Nintendo 64 emulator called n64oid. It is no longer on the Play Store so you will have to track it down manually if that is the one you want to use.  There are others available but I’ve not used any of them.

You’ll notice the screen shots below of Super Mario 64 are using the high resolution texture packs. These things are awesome!  and make the game look so much nicer.

Download n64oid

Tips and Tricks I learned along the way:

  • I find that running n64oid after a fresh reboot helps things run smoother.
  • Putting the CPU in performance mode reduces the chance for stuttering or slow downs dramatically. Nearly non-existent in some cases.  (In CM 10.1 this is located in Settings -> Advanced -> CPU Mode Switch -> Performance)
  • When you initially load a rom and it can sometimes just hang at the black screen. I’ve found that if I just bring up the n64oid menu options the rom seems to be “Jump-started” to life/loading faster. I could just be superstitious about this though. Try it?
  • Sadly GoldenEye is still crap when Emulated. I’ve never had it be playable on any platform.
  • Lots of roms don’t work and you will be disappointed in their performance. The games below work about 90%. They are totally playable but there is still that, “aww man it isn’t perfect…” Factor. When we are chasing nostalgia like this it pops our little perfect bubble. We remember the good times on the TV where everything graphical was blowing our minds. This will take you back slightly but know what you are getting into. You won’t be totally taken back and immersed. Go get an n64 at a thrift shop for that.

I’ve not tested the whole heap of roms but I have tested quite a few.  Below are some screen shots from my favorites.

  • Super Mario 64
  • Paper Mario
  • Diddy Kong Racing
  • Mario Kart
  • Quest64 (not pictured)


One of the most common functions of computers today for families is the ability to edit video.  In the effort to really explore the current capabilities of Android I’ve tried to accomplish this task using only apps available from the Play Store and the Movie Maker on my Asus Transformer Infinity Pad.

Here is the original video I took in Saigon the other day. It is just a silly balloon snake moving in the wind. I used my Galaxy S3 to record the video.

Here is the same video changed using apps on my Transformer Infinity.

I used three different apps to accomplish this but I think I only needed two of them.

VidTrim Pro – Used to make the video black and white. I later discovered that AndroVid Pro does the same thing.

AndroVid Pro – Used to slow the video down and remove the audio track so I could overlay the music. I think here is where the orientation was permanently changed to landscape. This would be bad if this was a video of people as they would be sideways. So that is something to think about for future video projects.

Movie Studio (this came with the Transformer Pad Infinity already installed) – With my slowed down silent black and white video I used the Movie Studio to add the music track and make the final export.

My first go with Android video editing taught me that for Android to really shine as a regular Joe’s technical companion we need more high end app developers. Of course there might be some obscure app that hasn’t got much attention or just came out that I missed. My research only yielded the popular ones so that is what  I used.

I am taking a lot more footage on our current trip in Hanoi where I will attempt and even larger project with still photographs, overlays and video merged together together.

What I would like to see in ONE app:

1) video cropping: my videos from my Galaxy s3 are all portrait because that is how I have gotten used to holding the phone. There needs to be an app that will let me crop out a section to make it widescreen.

2) Multiple Audio Tracks: I would like to be able to overlay multiple audio tracks. A music track on top of a narration track for example.

3) Multiple Effects all in one app: Slow down, black and white, text overlays, color corrections all in one place would be very helpful.

4) Not in the cloud: One of the most popular apps is Magisto. I started to mess with it until it wanted me to make an account and send my videos to the cloud where they would work their magic. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but this really turned me off. I want to be able to do everything locally on my device.


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