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A new version of Bootstrap (3.2.0) came out last month on June 26th. You can read about it on the Bootstrap Blog here.

I’m glad there was a new release as DevDmBootstrap3 was starting to look like a dead project on the theme directory. This isn’t true as we are still seeing downloads all the time. I’m fielding new emails every week with people asking questions and contributing to making things better.  So I’m happy that we are now able to push out an update to make our “Lasted Updated” date a little more current.

Most DevDmBootstrap3 theme users will have this change go unnoticed. The JavaScript and CSS bugs fixes/changes will just be there. If you find yourself having trouble be sure to review the Bootstrap documentation which has grown and gotten better. Your child theme might need some tweaks to get it fixed. You can always email me ( and I’ll try to help.

I also added one conditional function check for “devdmbootstrap3_wp_title” inside the functions.php file.

Thanks to user chicchera for pointing this out to me. We are now checking to see if the “devdmbootstrap3_wp_title” function exists before we use it. This enables people to overwrite it easily. I debated adding conditionals for the devdmbootstrap3_theme_js and devdmbootstrap3_theme_stylesheets functions but the wp_dequeue and wp_enqueue systems are in place for that.

I’ve also gone through the entire site here updating screen shots, code and added more information where I could.

We also have a new translation available!

Romanian – | ro_RO.po

Thanks to Ciprian @ for providing us a Romanian translation.

Child Theme Update

The child theme has been updated to include the new LESS file structure with the 3.2.0 update. I’ve also included the fonts directory with the child theme. The fonts were breaking for some users who were compiling the LESS files and using wp_dequeue_style to remove the parent themes’ CSS. We were also double including the parent theme’s css file with an @include so that has been removed.

"Herbert" the cactus I got for my birthday this year.

“Herbert” the cactus I got for my birthday this year.

July 18th, 2014

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  • It’s funny to say “dead project” while you/your team actually made a “Must have” project. Bootstrap 3 brings us easiness and your theme moved that easiness in WP. I just experiment with the theme to see what can be done. For just 2 weeks and no real WP knowledge but enthusiasm and mainly HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge I have successfully added theme options with 6-7 sections using OptionTree plugin(another “must have” for devs). I can now change from my Admin Panel header, footer and .container background as well as whole page background with a picture or just a color, or leave it blank to apply defaults(some opacity).

    I also added Font Awesome social icons section in Admin panel, from which I can manually type custom URL-s to apply different input fields in Admin. I will do this with as many Icons as I feel it’s needed and add if-else statement, because now they are static and just the URL changes. By default I added some variables that for example in facebook icon source to facebook home page.

    I have also extended DevDm Options in my child theme (sry about that, but I needed to) with a new feature that changes the layout of the Blog post page(which i have manually added). For me there is an option – my blog posts to show 2,3 or 4 (or even more but not recommended – looks bad) on a full-width row while displaying on a default blog post page, using just bootstrap documentation and your array for left and right sidebar. So now I will think about a math formula, so I could fully use the same array (12/5 = 2.4 and I think this will work for me). After selecting a single post then u use extended index.php template.

    For my single blog page I decided to define custom widget area, because in my opinion and vision the Blog Page of every web site should have some differences as main web template. I thing blog readers usually don’t visit your Blog because of your sidebars so Blog sidebars should be relevant to the Blog content.

    There are a few more things that I have includes such as Google Analytics section which if have GA script adds it just before the and if do, it does nothing. Using same plugin I make dynamic changes in my site, and they apply via dynamic.css file so no inline styling because I don’t like it at all.

    I have also added flexslider.php with some stuff about the slider, and now I have a home page slider, which can be easily customized through the Admin Panel. There are so many things that I have ideas and want to include. In my opinion this theme could be easily extended to have as many features as Virtue by Kadence Themes.

    I have just started PHP course (which usually is not needed because of wide-spread WP and videos in youtube) but I want to make everything perfect. If you are interested I have many ideas and we could do something together. Right now I have excellent knowledge in HTML, CSS, i understand how to use JavaScript with its many libs and i have basic WP PHP knowledge which gives me enough to cut html by my own.

    So that’s who I am. If you are interested I want to email you my child theme to take a look of it and we could do some stuff together. I saw you are selling some child theme for about 5 $ which is good but since free devdm child theme is quite extendable I’m not sure how many people will download and buy the paid version.

    You probably have looked at Theme Forrest and there are themes that cost 40-50 $. Since Bootstrap 3 is responsive, cross-browser and widely documented I believe that working together can bring us financial incomes.

    Either you accept this or not, I still want to send you my theme, because in fact you are the father and deserve to know 🙂

    E-mail me if you are interested.

    Marin Stoyanov
    Sofia, Bulgaria

    • danny says:

      Hey Marin,

      I’m glad that you are having some great success using the Theme and finding it easy to use. It is, at the core, made for someone just like you. A resourceful person with a “can do!” attitude can do ANYTHING with this Theme and you certainly have those qualities.

      I’m always on the lookout for good business opportunities. So I’ll shoot you an email. 🙂

      – Danny

  • Now I see my comment looks like a post, but I also like blogging 🙂

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