Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme for Developers

Version 1.23 of the theme is now up on the themes directory.

Update Notes: Left sidebar widget area restored.

There was some depreciated legacy function “checking” that was asked for me to remove by the reviewers. When I removed the check the behavior of the sidebar widget registration function changed unexpectedly. This caused the “Left Sidebar” to not be a registered Widget Area.

This was not an issue for the Github version so I will leave it alone for now.

November 17th, 2013

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  • You have given me a blog presentation I can actually use! Thank you for making a fast loading and clean platform that makes for an easy read, organized look and seamless integration into WP 3.71! Kudos!

  • Greg says:

    Hi! Yesterday I discovered your very cool DevDmBootstrap3 theme. I love being able to use Bootstrap 3 with WordPress!

    Is this theme available for sites hosted at


  • Greg says:

    I was able to find it for one of my sites that’s not hosted on, but it hasn’t shown up in search results through a site that I’m working on using I only have a “free” account, though. Is DevDmBootstrap3 considered to be a premium theme?

  • danny says:

    It isn’t a premium theme. But it looks like there are only 266 themes available to the free users and I’m not one of them (bummer). So I’m not sure what it takes to get in there.

  • Greg says:

    Thanks again for the info. I really like what you’re doing with this theme! Keep up the great work!

    • danny says:

      Hey Thanks Greg! 🙂 Sometimes this can be a real thankless job.

      • Greg says:

        I know exactly what you mean. I’ve never designed a WordPress theme, but I have worked and continue to work on projects that often feel thankless.

        We appreciate your efforts. Thanks again for creating and enhancing this awesome theme!

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