Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme for Developers

DevDmBootstrap3 contains a few VERY basic options for controlling the layout.  Support has also been added for the new native WordPress features for changing the Header and the Background these options are in their default locations under the appearance menu.

Sidebars – These settings toggle the display and size of the available left and right sidebars. The size indicates the Twitter Bootstrap column span size (<div class=”col-md-X”></div>) for each sidebar. The main content area span is dynamically calculated based on these values and has a threshold of 2 (this is why the sizes only go up to 5). If you choose to NOT SHOW any sidebars the values are ignored and the main span will be the default 12 columns wide (full width).

Header – You can choose to not display the header entirely. This removes the logo and headline area. This DOES NOT REMOVE THE MAIN MENU.

Show Post Meta – This will  toggle the display of all post related information. (Author, Categories, Date, and Tags).

Google Analytics Code – This is just a simple text area for displaying any tracking code. It could contain anything you wish to use here. It is the last thing to display before the </body> tag and after wp_footer(); is called. Removed 1/17/14

Give Danny His Credit? – This setting toggles the “Created by” at the bottom with a link to me.



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  • Gareth says:

    Thanks – well documented! Nice!

    Question: How can i affix the top nav?

    • danny says:

      Hey Gareth!

      This is as easy as changing template-part-topnav.php

      <nav class="navbar navbar-inverse" role="navigation">


      <nav class="navbar navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top" role="navigation">

      All we did was add the “navbar-fixed-top” class to the <nav> element. Be sure to give your some top padding to accommodate for it. 50px should do it. Maybe a little more to make it look nice.

  • Steffen says:

    thanks for this theme to include bootstrap3 into wordpress!
    My suggestion is to include font-awesome. So you have a bigger variety of icons.

  • Steffen says:

    Thank you for your answer.
    Add this “extra” was the first step in my new project. With a little help of this documentation and a book (for the german users: WordPress 3 by Alexander Hetzel) is it not as difficult as it seems to create an own theme based on DevDmBootstrap3!

  • Michael says:

    Hi Danny, this looks pretty good but one question, is there no option to set a ‘full width’ page template on a per page basis, in case you want to have some pages with sidebars and some pages with no sidebar at all? I don’t see this option as seems to be common in most themes. thanks

    • danny says:

      Hey Michael!

      You are correct. There is no “per-page” options. I have to think about whether or not this is a bloat or an enhancement. While it certainly would be helpful for some people I just don’t know if it is too much meddling. I’m really trying to keep as hands off as possible. But I suppose if I am letting people choose for those columns to exist at all I should have an option to choose when they will be displayed. I’ll give it a try and see how it feels.

  • Michael says:

    Cool. Well without this feature I will probably have to move on to another theme, at least for the current project. This is my third foray into trying to work w/ a bootstrap ready theme, and I’m afraid to say the third time I’m giving up on it. Anyway, for the matter I referred to, I think it would only be a matter of creating a new custom page template, which there is codex for in WordPress, and though I could probably do that as well myself, I’ve not done it before and on this current project don’t think the time expenditure will be worth it, versus searching around for another theme. Already been down one ‘garden path theme’ before this 🙂

    good luck in the future

  • Izabel Rodrigues says:

    Thanks by this great theme. I have a doubt: How do I set the theme for the posts to be displayed summarized with the option read more ?

  • ervin says:

    Hi im new on developing themes and dont have experience
    Can i know if i use this theme for y project can i share them like free on worpress or other sites like my project ? Or is copyrigted?

    • danny says:

      Go nuts Ervin. 🙂 Everything here is free to use anywhere and for any purpose. Credit somewhere in the code would be nice as it gives any future developers somewhere to go for help if they get stuck.

  • Michael says:

    I hope you can help in this matter,
    firstly this is probably the easiest theme/template to work with -congrats on a fab job, BUT…..I am totally stuck on one problem, I have a huge logo to spread the entirety of the top of the page and need it to be responsive but am totally foxed on how to do this in the “template-part-head.php”. with out it having an effect on the content width (going from .container to.container-fluid) below, I am totally unfamiliar with .php coding. The logo in question is on my website mentioned in the “required” fields.
    any help would be great even if its a finger pointing to somewhere else, preferably somewhere useful !

  • Lucas says:

    Hi Danny!

    Thank you again for the great theme! In this theme that I’m working on I’ll need a few more options on this theme panel. What’s the best approach do develop them? Directly on theme-options.php of the parent theme? Do you have a better solution? I wish I could do this without editing the original files and just my child theme files.

    • danny says:

      Hey Lucas,

      There are a few plugins that will allow you to build theme options “on top” of any theme. Try if you didn’t want to go that route and really wanted to dig in there and build your own call backs and make your own markup to integrate with the existing theme options there are some methods for that as well. It might be a bit of a headache. But it is totally doable.

  • Lucas says:

    Thank you very much! I’ll definitely take a look! The options that I need are something like that: how many featured items to show on home page, the number of banners on the slider and this kind of situation. Does the plugin help me with this kind of scenario?
    [due to the deadline, I’ll definitely take the easiest route]
    Thank you again!

  • Lucas says:

    I’ll definitely take a look. Thank you again! 😀

  • danny says:

    That’s right Michael. You have to register all the different sidebars with unique names.

  • Jonathan says:

    Good day!
    I am not sure why, but when I go to enable the “give danny his credit” in the footer, nothing appears.. not even if I inject some plain text there too.. any thoughts on that?
    Jonathan MacAlpine

  • malkar says:

    I’m trying this theme. so far it looks like something is wrong with its posts page.

    I expected the following html:

    but in the rendered html, only the last post goes under “col-md-8 dmbs-main”.
    all previous ones have the full width of the row…

    how do I change this to the expected structure?

    Thanks !

  • malkar says:

    The code above has been truncated.

    Please check this image, instead –

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