Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme for Developers

DevDmBootstrap3 contains a few VERY basic options for controlling the layout.  Support has also been added for the new native WordPress features for changing the Header and the Background these options are in their default locations under the appearance menu.

Sidebars – These settings toggle the display and size of the available left and right sidebars. The size indicates the Twitter Bootstrap column span size (<div class=”col-md-X”></div>) for each sidebar. The main content area span is dynamically calculated based on these values and has a threshold of 2 (this is why the sizes only go up to 5). If you choose to NOT SHOW any sidebars the values are ignored and the main span will be the default 12 columns wide (full width).

Header – You can choose to not display the header entirely. This removes the logo and headline area. This DOES NOT REMOVE THE MAIN MENU.

Show Post Meta – This will  toggle the display of all post related information. (Author, Categories, Date, and Tags).

Google Analytics Code – This is just a simple text area for displaying any tracking code. It could contain anything you wish to use here. It is the last thing to display before the </body> tag and after wp_footer(); is called. Removed 1/17/14

Give Danny His Credit? – This setting toggles the “Created by” at the bottom with a link to me.



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