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    Hello – I just started playing around with Swatcher and had a couple questions, hopefully this board is still monitored.

    It looks like the last update to Swatcher was 9/15/15, I hadn’t realized that, is this theme still being updated at all?

    Under the Colors menu, what do the Content Background Color option do? I assumed it would change the color of the page, on top of the background but this option isn’t doing anything for me.

    Is there a way to change the dropdown menu to fade in? Also, I assumed the dropdown menu on hover would change to on click when the screen changed to tablet/mobile yet it’s still dropping down on hover.

    What would the best idea be to add customization options on top of what Swatcher already offers. For instance, I’ve used Kirki before and created options to change background/navbar color/page color etc but would like to have a separate menu in the customizer to be able to create a new color scheme outside of what Swatcher offers currently. What would be the best way to go about that, incorporating it into how the Kiri options are built into the theme already?

    Finally, as an example, I want to change the font on the header brand text:

    How would I go about adding to the existing options?

    I know this is quite a bit, but would really appreciate the help!

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