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    Hello again,

    As I stated before, the original dev on this site made all of his theme edits/additions in the parent theme, opting not to add a child theme.
    My goal is to implement a child theme, but in the meantime I need to add a slider plugin that allows site owners to update content easily.
    Meta Slider has documentation on adding slider to theme files, but I am having trouble replacing what’s currently in template-part-head.php and was hoping for some advice. I want to simply replace current header slider with Meta Slider in the same div. but I’m not sure if some of the php needs to remain.

    Here is the site

    Meta Slide template include code and current template-part-head.php code IS HERE.

    Thank you

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    Try this one…

    It looks like they had a REALLY hacked together image rotator that displayed different stuff on single() pages and category() pages.

    They also had a ton of garbage JS below that was “controlling” this thing.

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