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    Hi there. On a site I’m developing I want the responsive menu, the one that usually starts around 750px screen width, to show all the time so only the menu icon is on top. What is the most elegant way of doing this?

    BTW, when I went to login to the forum today I got one of those “untrusted” notices, with the “are you sure you want to proceed?” and “get me out of here” links. I had to agree that I understood the risks in order to get the wp-admin login screen where I had to login there again in order to get here. Thought you should know.

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    Hey Trishah,

    Yea the SSL Cert expired for a while and I didn’t have the cash to put it back up right away. Things are better now. 🙂

    As for the “always” mobile BS3 menu…

    Looks like this thread does a pretty good job of explaining it. Just include the CSS in your theme.

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    Great reference and it’s just want I needed.

    Note to anyone else using this: Make sure to read the solution comments for the extra css needed for Bootstrap 3.3.2

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