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    Hi guys.
    Because of security I do not have an example to show you at this moment! But the issue is that a menu-item in the navbar should work as a dropdown because of child-items (subpages).
    But when I click on the dropdown, the aria-expanded is not switching from false to true. The result is, that the dropdown isn’t working… if it is me who have “f..beeep” something up, I do not know! I’ve been trying to troubleshoot and fix this for 2 days now… anyone have the same issue out there? – Or anyone who knows what seems to be the problem or fix? Thanks anyway – for glory.

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    If you use your browsers inspector tool what does the JavaScript console say? Does it indicate there are any errors?

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    Hi Danny ‘a k a’ Lucky Luke… thank you for your rapid reply.
    The only thing I get in the console is:
    Error: Permission denied to access property "toString"
    I also get a warning, which translated into English is: Invalid URI. Loading multimedia-resource failed.

    Could it somehow be any plugin or so, that is guilty?

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    Lucky Luke is a new one for me. 😛

    Yea a plugin conflict is what I was thinking. So that toString error could wrench up everything. Does it say what file is throwing that error? It could give a clue as to what plugin is having the problem.

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    After going through all the plugins I have found the guilty one!!! Woohooo…
    For your information it is the plugin ‘Bootstrap Shortcodes’ that causes the problem!

    Thank you for your time Danny – I hope peeps will see this post if they are having the same issue 😀

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    Okay that makes more sense. Some of those bootstrap shortcode plugins double load the assets which can cause some problems.

    I use this one it has a setting to disable them including the assets and use the theme provide bootstrap scripts.

    I’m using it on a few sites actually. Might be the same one you are. 🙂

    Glad it got sorted out!

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    Yup… thats the same plugin. I just haven’t seen or even thought about changing any settings here. So again thanks :O)

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