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    Go to

    When you click on the little graphic on top left of coupon. I am trying to create a new page (post) that shows a larger coupon and a map of the business and a print icon that opens a pop up window that they can print the coupon.

    I am not sure of the best way to go about this. Can anyone advise?

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    This is the cool thing about WordPress. I can think of at least two or three “different” ways to go about this.

    If it were me I would do these things:

    I would use the custom post types plugin and create a new post type of coupon. I would add special fields for the map location/image as well as the coupon image itself and maybe some other information to use in a template file later.

    When the icon for a coupon was clicked I would use wp_ajax to grab the post data and populate a modal window with the coupon information (map,print link,etc.).

    I would create a special template file for the post type of coupon for printing the coupon itself. This would have my unique print styles in it and all that kinda thing.

    This is just a bare bones overview. There are many details to consider of course but this is my take on it. Good Luck!

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