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    I’ve only recently discovered that on WP multi-site installation, the only user role that can input unfiltered HTML is super admin. This creates a problem with many bootstrap features as they use the data-toggle attribute which WordPress strips out even for Admin level users.

    Is there a work-around? (Without modifying the wordpress installation as I don’t have access)

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    Hey Nick,

    It sounds like you are trying to use bootstrap markup in the WordPress editor? Yea, WordPress is going to strip out some stuff there.

    The solution is to use one of the available bootstrap3 shortcode plugins.

    I like this one

    If you are trying to do something else… please give me some more details.

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    Thanks for the quick response Danny!
    Yes, that’s what I’m attempting to do, almost all of the WordPress sites I’ve built have been on the single site setup and had never run into this before.

    I’ll try the plug-in you recommended …looks like it would work. I’d seen other people’s solutions including creating my own set of short-codes, but this looks like the easier route and also exposes extra bootstrap goodness to the site’s editors (without coding), so hopefully a win win!

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    The caveat with some of these plugins is the ability to toggle “double loading” of Bootstrap assets. The plugin I use here has the option in Settings -> BS Shortcodes. Just uncheck the top two boxes and you shouldn’t experience any weirdness.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice! I’ve requested the admin to load this plug-in and I’ll upload and test on my testing server tomorrow. I’ll post afterwards whether or not this solves the issue.

    Much appreciated!

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    Hi Danny,

    I can’t get any of the shortcode plugins (the one you mention or others) to install and work as suggested on WP multi-site installation. Have you successfully done this? The documentation implies that options should be revealed in the TinyMCE Advanced editor tools, but nothing doing.

    Any help appreciated!

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    I have indeed.

    I am using it on this site right now. I think your issue is most likely with TinyMCE Advanced not showing the buttons.

    The good news is you don’t actually need the button to use the plugin. All it does is show you the markup for the [shortcodes] it uses. Do this simple test to see if it works.

    Put this in a post

    [bs_button size="lg" type="success" value="Test" href=""]

    if you see the button on the Published post.. it worked! If not.. back to the drawing board.

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    Hi Danny,

    My client has just come back to me with an issue I think might be related to this thread. Initially they only had a few main menu items, but now they’ve tried to add sub menu items and while it shows the caret on the menu and the HTML appears to indicate correctly that there are child menu items, the toggle isn’t working (won’t open to expose the sub menu items)

    That said I re-enabled my test server version of the site and have the same issue:


    I’ve tried making the top menu item a ‘blank’ link, but that doesn’t work either. Any suggestions?

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    Hey Nick,

    Good to hear from you man. 🙂 I sometimes think this theme has gone the way of the dinosaurs and then I get a message!

    Your bootstrap-shortcodes plugin is loading a second copy of bootstrap.js in your header, while the theme is loading a version as well in the footer.

    So ya got two of them there, fighting to the death.

    I think you are using the plugin from the link I sent so here is what you do:

    1. Cruise to wp-admin
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Go to BS Shortcodes
    4. Uncheck the box “Load Twitter Bootstrap javascript file”
    5. Save Changes

    That should do it.

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    Hey Danny,

    You’re an absolute champ! Thanks so much!!!
    I had considered there might be a conflict with that plugin somewhere, but I just didn’t quite know where to begin.

    Please don’t cast this theme aside entirely! I know things move on and can’t expect you to support it forever, but it’s a really great theme …especially in instances where people just want a pretty straight-forward blog-type layout and then you can provide them a few neat things that bootstrap does so easily without blowing the mind of the basic-level user.

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