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    I have a drop down with categories.


    SE Chicago
    NE Chicago
    indian food
    italian food
    mexican food

    User right now can only select one category. What is the best way to go about making it so you can select more than one category at a time? As a user might want just indian food but only in SE Chicago – so they would want to choose both those categories and have it appear on one page.

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    Doing this from the menu is pretty impossible without some serious custom programming.

    I would recommend using a widget like any of those that pop up when you Google:

    select multiple categories wordpress widget

    You can accomplish your goal with the widget way or maybe “re-think” your strategy a bit.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful. This is one of those, “well you could do this, this or this.. but only if you are doing this this and this in this way…” types of questions. Just a lot of variables here. 🙂

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