Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme for Developers

Version 1.23 of the theme is now up on the themes directory.

Update Notes: Left sidebar widget area restored.

There was some depreciated legacy function “checking” that was asked for me to remove by the reviewers. When I removed the check the behavior of the sidebar widget registration function changed unexpectedly. This caused the “Left Sidebar” to not be a registered Widget Area.

This was not an issue for the Github version so I will leave it alone for now.

November 17th, 2013

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A version of DevDmBootstrap3 is now available on the WordPress Themes Directory to be easily installed by users from all around the WORLD! Cool.

To make this happen I had to change/remove a few features and I had to update some markup/function names.  Most of these changes were great improvements as far as markup and security was concerned (and I have pushed these changes to the repo) however we did lose some things along the way.

These are the features that were removed for the WordPress Theme’s directory version:

These things were deemed to be “plugin territory” and didn’t align with the standardization practices they are shooting for over there on the directory.

DevDmBootstrap3 on the WordPress themes Directory



(I also had to change the screenshot)


November 8th, 2013

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