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10000downloadsI haven’t had to make any posts for a while as DevDmBootstrap3 is trucking right along and there hasn’t been any Bootstrap updates. We have our small group of developers using the theme regularly and that is good enough for me.

We did finally hit 10,000 downloads on the Themes Directory so that is a big milestone.  Many themes do this in their first week but because we are a niche group I’m okay with taking a few months shy of a year to do so.

A big thank you to everyone who emails me or asks questions. Many times you guys try to use the Theme in a way I had never thought of and it just helps the next person who asks me when we figure it out.

Translation Files

I’ve taken great care to make sure that DevDmBootstrap3 is friendly to all of our international users. A couple of you have sent me translation files so I’d like to make those available for everyone on the Translation Files area of the website.

Croatian – hr.mohr.po

Thanks to Sanjin @ who has supported me for a long time for providing these.

Russian – ru_RU.moru_RU.po

Thanks to Denis @ for providing us a Russian translation.

If you have created a translation package that I can share with everyone please email me

June 23rd, 2014

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