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A responsive TwitterBootstrap Starter Theme for Developers

Within the Download Repository you will find a zip for a Child Theme. This contains the same LESS directory as the main theme but the bootstrap.less is all commented out so it will compile blank when you run it through a compiler.  Ideally you would make changes to custom.less or any of the Bootstrap LESS files and recompile them into the child themes Bootstrap.css.

The style.css for the child theme is pre-populated with the blank default classes I’ve created to make customization easier (these are also in custom.less). You don’t even have to use the LESS files if you don’t want to but they are there to make your life easier. This enables you to manipulate the native Bootstrap components as well as your custom CSS and still compile into one CSS file (bootstrap.css).

Here is what the style.css looks like

Here is an overlay drawing of where these classes are located. I forgot to add .dmbs-comments (it is the whole comment area).




  • Kredenz says:

    Hi Danny,

    I have tried to make a child theme manually and using your download, and all the styling goes away. The navbar disappears and all other styling is gone. I double-checked that the child css file is importing properly, I’ve tried changing the url for the stylesheet in the functions.php, and I’ve tried putting a header.php in the child dir and adding a link to my child stylesheet. Nothing seems to be working for me.

    Could you shed some light on this?


    • danny says:

      Hey Kredenz!

      Sounds tricky my friend. There is of course 1000 things that could be going on. But if nothing is loading properly it sounds like the wp_head(); function isn’t being called properly somewhere along the line. It is called in “header.php” of the template files.

      Can you send me a link to your site so I can take a look?

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