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Earlier this year I redeveloped my affiliate costume store from the ground up. got a full overhaul from the back end to the front end. It is pretty slick and you should really go check it out. However affiliate marketing is pretty tough these days. I’m not particularly gifted with advertising and marketing knowledge or even a lick of business sense for myself.  So for me to bring value to my affiliate customers I’ve taken the full transparency approach. I don’t hide what the sites are and I don’t try to trick people.

That being said I had to ask myself the question, “How do I bring eye balls to my costume store?” Enter: TinyWitch

With as much fun as I had with kaBOOM! I knew that game development was something I was going to explore a lot more. Specifically I was going to be targeting HTML5 Games as it is “What I know.” I looked at a few different HTML5 frameworks for making games and even tried to make some stuff without one.  In the end I settled on Phaser 2.0.  Phaser is AWESOME and the HTML5 game development community around it are all a great bunch of folks who help one another.

So with my new tools it was time to try and make something. I figured I would start out with something basic and Halloween-ish. A simple time waster type of game you could play for a little bit and stop. I settled on the classic arcade style shooter. This enabled me to learn the fundamentals of Phaser and also of game development in general. As many games as I have played throughout my life I never until know really had to sit down and be in that creative drivers seat. So it was a new experience for me.

Understanding the core mechanics of “how a game works” came pretty quickly to me. It is mostly pretty intuitive if you have been programming for a long time. The update loop, building functions to destroy, create and move assets around was easy to conceptualize.

I also knew I wanted to have that “App Store experience” so I was determined to port TinyWitch to the Google Play store. I used ludei’s CocoonJS builder to package up my game and build the APK.

So check it out @ or download it to your Android Device on the Playstore.  Hope you can have a little fun with it.



  • Andrea says:

    CocoonJS seems to be what I am looking for, but for the local storage? There is a way to save the in game progress using CocoonJS and Phaser?

  • Danny Machal says:

    Hey Andrea,

    It has been a while since I’ve worked with this so I’m not entirely sure I can answer this question accurately.

    This is pretty much the main hub for all things phaser

    That is a REALLY nice community of folks and they should be able to steer you in the right direction. 🙂

  • Steve says:

    I just gave TinyWitch a whirl (web version) and I really dig the spirit of the game. Also love the rocking guitar riff and the abrupt “Game Over” cut to “relaxing music” 🙂

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  • Terence says:

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    • Florence says:

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