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WordPress 4.3 made Swatcher start acting a bit weird so it was time to get some fixes and upgrades in place.

  • Kirki has been upgraded to the latest version as of today 9/15/2015. This fixed a bunch of broken style issues inside the theme customizer. – GitHub Link
  • Empty object error has been fixed. We were adding priority to the built in Nav Section but apparently this was changed in WordPress 4.3 as it was no longer an available section identifier. This could be a conflict with Kirki or just some undocumented changes. I couldn’t find anything about it from In the end we were trying to assign priority to something that didn’t exist. As a result the Navigation section is no longer toward the top and is down toward the bottom and labeled, “Menus.”

Upgrade v1.3 – v1.4 Paths


Re-Download your purchased Swatcher child theme from DevDm

… and copy the files over your current version. Be careful if you have made any changes. I worry particularly about people forgetting to back up their style.css file. So please be careful.

You can re-download Swatcher if you made an account on If you didn’t make an account just shoot me an email with enough details that I can match you to a purchase and I will send you the new package.

Manual Upgrade with Kirki files and changing the file /customizer/customizer.php

If you want to manually fix your Swatcher theme as you have made too many customizations or don’t want to take any risk you can follow the steps below.

  1. Download a copy of the Kirki master branch from GitHub
  2. Copy the assets, includes and languages directories into the includes/kirki/ directory in the Swatcher theme. Then copy the file kirki.php into the same directory. I attatched a screen shot below of what you will grab from the downloaded zip of the master branch to copy over.



3.    Update the file devdmbootstrap3-swatcher/customizer/customizer.php

You are going to remove 1 line from the top.

$wp_customize->get_section( ‘title_tagline’)->priority = ’10’;
$wp_customize->get_section( ‘nav’)->priority = ‘2’; <- delete this line
$wp_customize->get_section( ‘colors’)->priority = ‘4.1’;
$wp_customize->get_section( ‘header_image’)->priority = ‘4’;
$wp_customize->get_section( ‘background_image’)->priority = ‘4’;

4.     Upload your new customizer.php file and you are Done.

Contact me or leave a comment if you need any help. Thanks!

September 15th, 2015

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The first official release of DevDmBootstrap3 “Swatcher” is available for Download from the DevDm WordPress Theme Store.

Like my other child theme ‘clean-blog‘, Swatcher will have the same price tag of $4.99.

Download Swatcher

With “Swatcher” I’ve incorporated all 16 Bootswatch themes. You can easily switch between them with the WordPress theme customizer. This gives you the ability to rapidly transform any DevDmBootstrap3 project into something fresh and new within minutes. This site here is full of documentation about all of the NEW tools available to you. We are really pushing the limits of the Theme Customizer here and I am excited for it!

Swatcher is an elaborate example of what can be accomplished with WordPress child themes and a little elbow grease.

Visit for a working example of what you can do. I was able to change my blog that hadn’t been updated in 5 years into a modern responsive design in minutes.





April 20th, 2015

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