The first official release of DevDmBootstrap3 “Swatcher” is available for Download from the DevDm WordPress Theme Store.

Like my other child theme ‘clean-blog’, Swatcher will have the same price tag of $4.99.

Download Swatcher

Demo / Documentation




With “Swatcher” I’ve incorporated all 16 Bootswatch themes. You can easily switch between them with the WordPress theme customizer. This gives you the ability to rapidly transform any DevDmBootstrap3 project into something fresh and new within minutes. This site here is full of documentation about all of the NEW tools available to you. We are really pushing the limits of the Theme Customizer here and I am excited for it!

Swatcher is an elaborate example of what can be accomplished with WordPress child themes and a little elbow grease.



  • Chankit Yongpiyakul says:

    Looks interesting!

    I have a question about licensing, though. Is the price tag “per-site” or I just buy one and get it to use for all of my websites?

    • Danny Machal says:

      Hey Chankit,

      Thanks for asking. :) I don’t have any restrictions on it. If you buy it once and use it over and over that is fine with me. I couldn’t really stop you anyway. But if you find yourself using it a ton you can always make a donation to the project. It keeps my spirits up and lets me know what people are still interested. Good luck on your projects! Send me a link or two so I can see what you have created.

  • Pastor precios mponda says:

    Am very happy to hearing your objectives.may u come in Malawi to preach or teaching the word of God?

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