Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme for Developers

You can add the support for the shortcodes to your child theme by including the code below into the functions.php file.



  • Sanjin says:

    Hello Danny,

    Is it possible to add shortcodes for columns (2,3 or 4 columns)? Likewise.

    I love the simplicity of the DevDmBootstrap3 Theme. But I wish for more shortcodes. In this way, we would have had the ability to use columns without additional plugins.

    That would be great.

    Thanks in advance, Sanjin

  • Sanjin says:

    Thank you Danny,

    I have so far used the “Easy Bootstrap Shortcode” plugin. But the newer versions have been unnecessarily complicated. So far I have had several conflicts with this plugin. And it’s a nightmare.

    I gave up and I’m looking for a replacement solution.

    I tried “WEN’s Responsive Column Layout Shortcodes”. But it just tapered columns until it becomes so narrow that it is hardly recognizable. Columns should rearrange one below the other. No column wrapping.

    Other plugins work in a way as WENS. They do not work in a responsive mode in the true sense of the word. And I tried all the plugins that I could find.

    All I need is: columns, tables (eg.:, buttons and contextual backgrounds (notifications (alert box), or wheel) like this:

    To me it does not matter that it is a plugin. Even the contrary, I think that the use of shortcodes is always better than to use an additional plugin.

    Thanks in advance

    • danny says:

      Hey Snajin,

      Thanks for sharing those resources. I think the best thing I’ll be able to offer people is my take on how it should be done. It might be in the form of an added on plugin that I can keep updated or just code snippets.

  • Sanjin says:

    Hello Danny,

    My typo above – correct is: Well, not Wheel. But you probably noticed that.

    I agree with your thinking. Perhaps the best solution is that you do your own DevDm plugin. I am satisfied with snippets, too. Whatever you do I think you’ll find the right solution.

    I have some ideas. Falls into several categories. I’ll send you an e-mail through a day or two.

    Have a nice day

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