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    Michael recently posted in a comment that he had a logo image he wanted to span the full width of the page and be responsive. Now, there are a TON of different ways to go about this.

    The most direct and easiest approach to this would be to duplicate the template-part-head.php file into your child theme and modify it to look like the code below.

    Now there are a few questions and tweaks here that could be proposed:

    “What happened to the blog title and tagline?” Well they are gone but they could be added back.
    “Inline styling? You are a monster!” I know but we wanted a quick solution here for the non-programmy type.

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    Brilliant, I trust you then delete the other template-part-head.php from file?

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    You will want to replace this template-part-head.php only in your child theme. WordPress will automatically use the child theme version of the file over the main template. No need to delete anything from the parent theme.

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    It worked a treat, many thanks

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