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A quick update for DevDmBootstrap3 to the latest Bootstrap v3.3.4. Here is a quote from their blog about the release:

Bootstrap 3.3.4 is here! This release has been focused on bug fixes and documentation improvements. We’ve had over 325 commits from 29 contributors since our last release! Nice.

Here are some of the highlights:

Fixes for a few significant bugs in the Modal plugin.
Fixes for a couple annoying bugs in the ScrollSpy plugin.
Bootstrap is now also available as a Meteor package in the Atmosphere package index.
Convenience aliases have been added for currency symbol Glyphicons based on their related 3-letter ISO currency codes. For example, .glyphicon-rub is a new alias for .glyphicon-ruble, the currency symbol for the Russian ruble (RUB).
We have deployed AnchorJS in our documentation to make it easier to link to specific sections within the docs.

March 26th, 2015

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I hope the year is off to a good start for everyone as we approach Spring time. It certainly has been friendly to the theme. We are approaching 18,000 downloads on the themes directory and I see more projects popping up all the time using the theme. So thank you all for making this one of the most rewarding projects I’ve had. Keep on making awesome stuff. 🙂


As of WordPress 4.1 theme support for the ‘title-tag’ is required. This is an effort to standardize how the title tag is managed and I think it is a good direction for WordPress in general. So I’ve made some changes to DevDmBootstrap3 to accommodate this. This new functionality automatically injects the title tag into the wp_head function so I’ve removed it from “header.php.” This new functionality also removes the need for us to have the “devdmbootstrap3_wp_title” filter inside our functions.php file so I’m dropping it.  In its place I’ve added the new function and the fallback if your installation isn’t WordPress 4.1+.

Bootstrap 3.3.2 is also upon us as of about a month ago.

I’ve updated the LESS, JS and glyphicon font files to the new versions.  Here is a quote from their blog about the updates.

Bootstrap 3.3.2 is here! This release has been all about bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and documentation updates. We’ve had over 300 commits from 19 contributors since our last release. Woohoo!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Updated Glyphicons to v1.9.
  • Reverted support for delegating multiple tooltips via a single element, because it caused nasty regressions.
  • Fixed a regression that broke wrap: false for the carousel plugin.
  • Added manual vendor prefixing back to carousel CSS to avoid a regression among folks not yet using Autoprefixer.

All of these updates have been pushed to the GitHub repository as well.

March 2nd, 2015

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